On Monday, June 28, 2021 our banking branches will fully reopen for normal business hours. Retail Lending: We are currently experiencing an issue with our external phone system for our Retail Loan department. Calls may drop prior to the caller reaching a representative. If you are unable to reach us at 800-468-2255 option 2, please dial 440-684-1405 to be routed directly into our internal phone menu. Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.

Edward N. Cohn

Ed’s strong leadership, strategic and technical skills, combined with a passion to help others, can be seen throughout his 25+ years of successfully leading multi-million-dollar institutions and non-profit organizations. His easy and approachable demeanor, coupled with his determination to help people succeed, shapes United Midwest’s culture and is the cornerstone of the bank’s unique business model.

President and CEO

Craig Street

Driven to excel at what he’s good at, Craig’s 25 years of industry success has been nothing short of incredible. With an enviable SBA lending record, and a little baseball coaching experience on the side, he has built a team of lenders who are experts in the SBA field.  When asked to describe United Midwest's strength, Craig believes it’s simple: we’re focused on key areas of the banking business which allows us to be great at what we do.

Executive Vice President / Chief Lending Officer

Michael Lerch

Michael’s devotion to United Midwest is the kind of service that makes us a great financial institution. He is known for his detailed charts—a true accountant trait—and his community-minded approach is what makes UMWSB the kind of bank you enjoy working with and working for.

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Rick Bates

A tinkerer at heart, Rick’s ability to see how things work makes his service at United Midwest invaluable. And with over 20 years’ experience, it is easy to see how his attention to detail benefits the bank’s customers while keeping the bank technologically driven.

SVP, Information Technology & Facilities

Judy K. Lease

A true multi-tasker, Judy brings 36 years of banking experience and powerful acumen to the office every day. Her can-do attitude and ability to handle so many different aspects of the bank’s branches, mortgage department, and CRA compliance is what gives United Midwest a high mark of excellence.

Vice President Chief Retail Banking Officer

Jenny Flocken

When it comes to overseeing all of the SBA loan underwriting, decisions, closings, and funding at United Midwest, Jenny’s wit and determination ensures excellence. A proud Ohio State graduate, she began her career with the U.S. Small Business Administration and her work has even received presidential recognition! Now on the banking side of the business, her desire to help small businesses thrive provides the backbone to United Midwest’s lending success.

Senior Vice President Commercial Credit and Operations

Michael A. Childs

Not many people can say they’ve bowled one perfect game, but Michael can say he’s bowled two! As Community Development Director, Michael is responsible for planning and overseeing the implementation of the outreach and activities within the bank’s cities and neighborhoods. His 30 years of banking experience coupled with his supportive nature allows him to network with key leaders, constituents and partners with ease and stay on top of the latest trends and needs of our communities.

Vice President Community Development Director / CRA