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Edward N. Cohn

Ed’s strong leadership, strategic and technical skills, combined with a passion to help others, can be seen throughout his 25+ years of successfully leading multi-million-dollar institutions and non-profit organizations. His easy and approachable demeanor, coupled with his determination to help people succeed, shapes United Midwest’s culture and is the cornerstone of the bank’s unique business model.

President and CEO

Craig Street

Driven to excel at what he’s good at, Craig’s 25 years of industry success has been nothing short of incredible. With an enviable SBA lending record, and a little baseball coaching experience on the side, he has built a team of lenders who are experts in the SBA field.  When asked to describe United Midwest strength, Craig believes it’s simple: we’re focused on key areas of the banking business which allows us to be great at what we do.

Executive Vice President / Chief Lending Officer

Michael Lerch

Michael’s devotion to United Midwest is the kind of service that makes us a great financial institution. He is known for his detailed charts—a true accountant trait—and his community-minded approach is what makes UMWSB the kind of bank you enjoy working with and working for.

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Rick Bates

A tinkerer at heart, Rick’s ability to see how things work makes his service at United Midwest invaluable. And with over 20 years’ experience, it is easy to see how his attention to detail benefits the bank’s customers while keeping the bank technologically driven.

Chief Information Officer

Judy K. Lease

A true multi-tasker, Judy brings 36 years of banking experience and powerful acumen to the office every day. Her can-do attitude and ability to handle so many different aspects of the bank’s branches, mortgage department, and CRA compliance is what gives United Midwest a high mark of excellence.

Vice President Chief Retail Banking Officer / CRA Officer

Jenny Flocken

When it comes to overseeing all of the SBA loan underwriting, decisions, closings, and funding at United Midwest, Jenny’s wit and determination ensures excellence. A proud Ohio State graduate, she began her career with the U.S. Small Business Administration and her work has even received presidential recognition! Now on the banking side of the business, her desire to help small businesses thrive provides the backbone to United Midwest’s lending success.

Senior Vice President Commercial Credit and Operations

Donald C. Adams, Jr.

One of United Midwest’s resident SBA and USDA lending experts, Don has over 45 years in the industry. Extremely relational, Don makes sure his work is centered on people—many who’ve become repeat customers and good friends, sharing in his own love of life.

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SBA/USDA-Hospitality, Assisted Living

Chris Ascolese

Chris likes to “think outside the box” as he begins the loan process with a customer, looking at each business from a strategic standpoint to make sure the loan is structured to best suit the customers’ goals. With over 17 years of both SBA and USDA lending, Chris’ steadfast approach to each loan has allowed him to build great partnerships with his customers and lending team.

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SBA/USDA-Hospitality, Assisted Living

Bob Bruno

Having financed more hotel purchases than any other lender in the Midwest, Bob is truly an expert with larger SBA loans. With his deep knowledge of all types of financing and enthusiasm for good service it’s no wonder that he has financed over $500 million in business loans in his banking career.

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Hospitality, General Industry

Jerry Casteel

Jerry is one of the most reliable commercial real estate lenders in the industry. With over 40 years of experience, there isn’t an aspect of lending that he hasn’t mastered, and that is exactly that kind of excellence that makes Jerry and United Midwest partners you can trust.

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Hospitality, General Industry

Rhett Christian Duleba

Rhett’s determination has been described as tenacious; a quality you’ll appreciate when looking for medical lending expertise. Through focused networking and over 24 years of experience, his solutions are what make working with United Midwest an excellent choice.

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Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary

Chad Fondriest

SBA loans always have roadblocks. Chad’s expertise to navigate those has been developed over the past 15 years as a business acquisition lender. For him, United Midwest is group of colleagues who worked together before, and have come together again, to build a top performing bank that specializes in SBA lending. 

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Insurance Agencies, Funeral Homes, General Industry

Bryon Pierce

He’s hiked the Alps, so there are very few mountains in the loan business he cannot overcome. Bryon’s 14 years of experience and dedication to his customers and lending team shows that passion and persistence can be a powerful combination for finding effective lending solutions.

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Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary

Spencer Twyford

When it comes to providing ideal lending solutions to medical practitioners, Spencer’s depth of knowledge—from over 22 years’ banking experience—is second to none. His passionate focus on the medical industry, specifically dental, and the bank’s specialized lender programs for these industries, are what put United Midwest in a unique position to effectively handle the medical professional’s lending needs.

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Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary

Fred Crispen

When Fred talks about touring the African Safari, you get an idea of his sense of adventure. He applies that same boldness as he helps customers finance their businesses. With over 45 years in SBA lending, his expertise and dynamic personality helps United Midwest excel at SBA loans for under $150,000.

Senior Vice President SBA Small Loans

Terry Crispen

With the same methodical approach that awarded him U.S.A.F.A. survival training certification, Terry handles Small Business Administration loans of under $150,000 with military precision. Having nearly 20 years of lending experience and the ability to pull disconnected ideas together, makes Terry the partner you want in the trenches of your SBA loan.   

Senior Vice President SBA Small Loans

Judd R. Oiler

Judd brings over 49 years’ experience and extensive knowledge of Consumer Lending to United Midwest. His intense focus and appreciation for the progressive banking of UMWSB makes Judd one of the top lenders in the industry.

Senior Vice President Consumer Lending

Travis Stadler

With a commitment to his customers that rivals his love for OSU, Travis is a great addition to the UMWSB team. His ability to objectively view both consumer and retail needs for an optimal outcome gives him the effective edge you won’t find in other lending partners.

Senior Vice President Consumer / Retail Lending

Chris Homan

As a football coach and father of three under 10 years old, Chris is an expert at blocking, tackling and finding creative ways to get a job done. He believes this same mentality applies to mortgage lending. With over 17 years of experience, Chris is able to look at each loan and its circumstances, develop options, and ultimately help each customer find their best financing solution.

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AVP, Residential Mortgage Lending, NMLS #525970, 614-306-5700