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UMWSB Debit MasterCard® + UMWSB Mobile App = Secure Spending Power


Take control of your card, manage spending, and monitor for fraud.

With our mobile app, we put you in control of your UMWSB Debit MasterCard for better security and functionality. 

Turn your card off and on. Receive transaction alerts. View balances and receipts. Establish spending controls.

When you combine the mobile app with your UMWSB Debit MasterCard features, purchases are more secure than ever before. 

Available from Google Play® or the App Store®

UMWSB Debit MasterCard®

Safer and more convenient than checks.

Transaction Security
With MasterCard Zero Liability, our chip card provides security when making purchases in-person, by phone, or online. Accepted by most retailers and at ATMs worldwide.
Surcharge-Free Guarantee
Avoid paying a surcharge-fee by using one of our branch ATMs or at any terminal displaying the Allpoint® or MoneyPass® network logos.
MasterCard SecureCode™
When completing a purchase with a merchant participating in the MasterCard SecureCode program, you may be asked to confirm your identity before completing the transaction. This is a more secure method of completing an online purchase to protect your account from potential fraud.
Traveling Out-of-State or Out-of-the-Country
For your protection, we have security measures in place to combat card fraud and identity theft. Please notify us before you travel so we may make your card available for out-of-the-country transactions.
Fraud Alerts
UMWSB responds quickly to news of possible card breaches. We may contact you by phone or text message to notify you of suspicious card activity and to confirm that you have authorized the transactions. Please respond promptly to help us protect your accounts.
United Midwest Savings Bank (UMWSB) Mobile App
With our mobile app, we put you in control of your UMWSB Debit MasterCard for enhanced security and functionality. View recent card transactions and account balances. Setup real-time transaction alerts to notify you when a transaction is processed using your card. Protect your account from fraud by turning off your card when it is not in use. Limit transactions to a certain area using your phone’s GPS. Restrict your card use to only certain types of transactions and apply a spending limit. Download today from Google Play or Apple Store.
Lost or Stolen Card
To report a lost or stolen card during regular business hours, please contact your local branch or call customer service at 800-686-2052. For after-hours assistance, please call 800-472-3272. CardValet users may turn off their card and call the customer service or after-hours numbers for additional assistance.


A simple way to access cash.

The UMWSB ATM Card is a great device for anyone needing easy access to their accounts. Accepted at most ATMs nationwide and by some retailers. Request yours from your local branch.

Surcharge-Free guarantee.

When you use your UMWSB ATM Card at any ATM where the Allpoint® or MoneyPass® network logos are displayed, your cash withdrawals are surcharge-free. 

Available for Android™ Phones

UMWSB Mobile Banking App

Download from Google Play

Available for iPhone®

UMWSB Mobile Banking App

Download from the App Store

Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen card during regular business hours, contact your Local Branch or call Customer Service at 800-686-2052. For after-hours assistance, call 800-472-3272.

United Midwest Savings Bank mobile app users may promptly turn off their card and report it as lost or stolen by contacting their local branch or calling Customer Service or the after-hours phone number.