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Loans over $150,000

For businesses wanting to secure a loan over $150,000, we have a team of knowledgeable and responsive SBA and USDA Lenders available to help guide borrowers through the application process.

Our Lenders give borrowers confidence that their loan application is being managed with expertise and efficiency. We've created an SBA/USDA loan experience that removes confusion and focuses on results for our borrowers.

Let's get started

Whether acquiring a new dental practice, purchasing property, boosting cash-flow, or upgrading equipment, your business needs capital. An SBA/USDA loan might be right for you. Click the button below to partner with our expert team today.

Providing A Clear Path for Growing Your Business

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An SBA/USDA Loan over $150,000 is an ideal way to help you grow your business, especially when you are looking to purchase an existing practice or service.

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Even if your business is booming, you may benefit from more advantageous loan terms. Contact a lender to find out if a refinance could help your business.

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Businesses often use SBA/USDA funding from United Midwest to expand their business, add or upgrade equipment, or to attain more space for growth. 

Meet your SBA/USDA Lending Team

Loans Over $150,000
janderson_pic_3.jpgRead Bio

John Anderson

Hospitality, General Industry, Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary
robert_burno-145_500px.jpgRead Bio

Bob Bruno

Hospitality, General Industry
p_burns_headshot_2017.jpgRead Bio

Patrick Burns

Insurance Agencies, Medical, Veterinary, Dental, General Industry
jerry_casteel_500px.jpgRead Bio

Jerry Casteel

Hospitality, General Industry
aaronhodgkins_web_crop.jpgRead Bio

Aaron Hodgkins

Hospitality, Medical, Veterinary, Insurance Agencies, General Industry
chad_fondriest-47_500px.jpgRead Bio

Chad Fondriest

Insurance Agencies, Funeral Homes, Independent Pharmacies, General Industry
spencer_twyford-20_500px.jpgRead Bio

Spencer Twyford

Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary
bwilhelmsenweb1.jpgRead Bio

Blessing Wilhelmsen

Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary, Insurance Agencies, Funeral Homes, General Industry