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John Anderson

John’s previous experience in the emergency and surgical medical fields, and in the hotel business provides insight that he uses now as an SBA lender specializing in helping business owners in both of these industries.  As a father of six, he is an expert in multi-tasking and maintaining meticulous attention to details, making sure his clients get the financing they need when they need it.

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Hospitality, General Industry, Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary

Bob Bruno

Having financed more hotel purchases than any other lender in the Midwest, Bob is truly an expert with larger SBA loans. With his deep knowledge of all types of financing and enthusiasm for good service it’s no wonder that he has financed over $500 million in business loans in his banking career.

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Hospitality, General Industry

Aaron Hodgkins

Aaron believes in setting the right expectations up front with his clients and providing an open dialogue throughout the entire loan process. With 25 years of experience in commercial and SBA/USDA lending, Aaron’s strength continues to be his dedication to helping small businesses grow and thrive.

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Hospitality, Medical, Veterinary, Insurance Agencies, General Industry

Cinnamon Trimmer

What do you do after you’ve dabbled in race cars, trained to climb Mt. Everest, been mom to four boys, and witnessed popular bands create hit music in your parents’ garage? You take your talents to United Midwest as a commercial/SBA lender. Cinnamon Trimmer joins the team with 28 years of commercial real estate and lending experience. Her knowledge and understanding of acquisitions, real estate transactions, timelines and lending nuances allow her to become her clients’ “powerhouse partner.” Many ask Cinnamon about her name; here is a clue: it’s not from the Neil Young song but it is from a once popular TV show. Ask her about it!

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General Industry, Hospitality Industry, Medical Practices