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Our Small Business Loan Program Can Help Your Business Thrive.

United Midwest's Small Business Administration (SBA) loans up to $150,000 are specifically designed to help you start or grow your business. These loans can be used for most business activities such as purchasing equipment or covering everyday operations.

Our lenders have helped many veteran-owned and women-owned businesses build successful businesses through smart financing optionsWe take the time to answer questions and provide guidance to other potential resources that could help business owners accomplish their goals. 

  • Lower interest rates compared to many business loans
  • Repayment term of 10 years helps with business planning and managing cash flow
  • Quick decisions, fast approvals and closings in as little as 30 days


Small Business Loans for Women

Choose a lending partner who can match your needs to the right financing and help level the playing field. United Midwest's SBA loans help women business owners compete in the marketplace.

Small Business Loans for Veterans

Build a sucessful business with the leadership skills you perfected and financing from United Midwest. United Midwest's SBA loans up to $150,000 provide the options and terms to simplify the transition to your new career path.

Refinance High-Rate Business Loans

Other business financing options can be quick and convenient, but they often come with a hefty price. That price can include high interest rates and inconvenient daily payment terms that make cash flow and future planning difficult. Refinancing with an SBA loan up to $150,000 from United Midwest could put your business on a more comfortable path to success.

Let's Grow, Together.

Want to see how your business can benefit from a business loan from United Midwest? We're ready to show you.