What’s New in 2016?

The MasterCard® EMV Debit Card with Chip-enabled Technology!


We are now issuing MasterCard EMV Debit Cards, also known as chip cards, to all new cardholders and to replace any expiring debit cards held by existing cardholders.


EMV chip technology brings you a more secure transaction experience and meets the new requirements for card purchases completed at point-of-sale terminals.


Can’t wait for your replacement card? Contact your local branch to request an early replacement of your magnetic stripe debit card!


How to Use Your MasterCard EMV Debit Card


3 easy steps to use your NEW United Midwest Savings Bank Chip Card at any point-of-sale terminal!


  • Insert your card so that the chip is inside the point-of-sale terminal. Leave the card inserted until the terminal beeps or indicates on the screen that the transaction is complete.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen of the terminal to complete your transaction. You may be asked to enter your 4-digit PIN. This is a security feature of the chip card.
  • Once your transaction is completed, the terminal will beep or indicate on the screen that it is time to remove the card and take your receipt.


Don’t worry! If the point-of-sale terminal has not been converted to an EMV terminal yet, or if the terminal won’t accept your chip, your card will still work. Just swipe the card using the magnetic strip like you have in the past.


For more details, click on the image.


 UMWSB card bar


Online Banking Gets a Fresh New Mobile Device Friendly Design!


Coming soon, our updated design allows us to bring you a more User Friendly site that is also Mobile Device Friendly!


Access our website and online banking services from almost any computer or mobile device. When you do, the screen options will automatically re-size to fit the device screen you are viewing it on.


Your username, password, and multi-factor security questions that you used on the previous version of online banking will continue to work on our new version online banking and will work on any device.


We hope you enjoy the new look and functionality! For more details, click on the image.


Online Banking


eStatements are Coming Soon…


We will soon begin offering eStatements to Online Banking users. Check back later in the year for more details.


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